September 6, 2019
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When my kids come home from school I make it a point to ask them 2 questions.

  1. what new thing did you learn today
  2. What did you fail at today

How many times have you asked your kid “How was school?” and then proceeded to have them answer something like “ummmmm ok” LOL.

Asking them instead “what did you learn today” opens a chance for dialogue about their day. It also keeps it fresh for your kids and allows them to focus on new material, new friends they might have made, etc.

While we don’t like our kids failing at things, certainly school work!! By asking them “what did you fail at today” What we are really asking them is did you take chances? did you understand whats being taught? Are you learning to be resilient and confident in the face of defeat and setbacks.

I hope these questions spark conversation and bring you closer to your children.

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