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Beatrix Eriksen

Words can't express how grateful we are to have found Bethel Academy of Martial Arts. My son has been there since September 2015 and absolutely loves the program. He looks forward to attending as many classes as he can. When he's at home, he talks about the lessons he learns from Guru George. He "plays George" with his 3-year old sister, instructing her how to kick, and ending it with a one-kid game of dodgeball :-). Not only is it fun for the kids, but George teaches valuable life lessons, making my son more confident overall. This is a real martial arts program, with emphasis not just on skills but on fundamental life applications. My son loves it, my daughter can't wait to be old enough to attend, and we as parents are tremendously impressed with George's philosophy and instruction.


My son has been taking classes at BAMA (Started out as Karate America but has since transformed) for just over a year now,and he has enjoyed every second in the program. His self-esteem has increased and he looks forward to each class! The Bethel Academy of Martial Arts has become an extended family and I am glad that we chose to sign Ryan up. Guru George is very dedicated to not only his students, but the families as well. Awesome program, awesome staff, we can't praise them enough!

Frank Avallone

I can not stress enough how beneficial the Bethel Academy of Martial Arts has been for my daughter. It teaches kids vital life lessons that they dont get in any other school environment. Best of all, she loves going!

Lessons For Life


September 16, 2019/0

Why do we fight??

Why do I teach my students to fight? Why in a time of abundant peace and prosperity does someone need the fighting skills? isn’t the world vio …

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